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SimpleIT helps companies take proactive, reasonable steps to protect their data from invasions that can affect office productivity, increase legal liability, cause the loss of client confidence, and more.

Preventing Malware, Spam emails, Phishing, and More

Everyday business leaves networks open to malware, spam emails, phishing, website downloads and infected USB flash drives. Enterprise data can now by easily be accessed through lost mobile devices.  SimpleIT is knowledgeable about the ever changing threats and helps its clients protect their data with technology and security strategies.

Disaster Recovery and Backups

SimpleIT follows proven Recovery and Backup strategies using a multi-layered approach that includes next generation firewalls, anti-virus software, email spam filtering, password policies, computer locking, mobile device management, door access, guest wireless network, video surveillance, data redundancy in multiple geographical locations and more.

Our Security Services Include….

  • Virus and Spam Protection
  • Disaster Recovery and Systems Backup

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